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Getting started with a FREE evaluation

Follow Me Dog Training ServicesFollow Me Dog Training, LLC starts out every prospective client with a FREE evaluation with you and your dog. Evaluations are scheduled by appointment at your home. This gives Renée an opportunity to talk to you about your goals and expectations for your dog. We may also do a little problem solving by discussing the foundations of how we train and why your dog may be acting like they are.  The FREE evaluation also provides information of how best to outline the building blocks of training for your and your dog’s optimum learning capabilities.

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Why work with us?

Follow Me Dog Training ServicesWhether you have a young puppy, a teenager that is testing their limits or a mature adult dog, Follow Me Dog Training LLC has a program that will suite your training needs. It is very important to start off on the right paw with your puppy and we do that with our Puppy Steps Program. Many of my clients have a teenage dog that is starting to test to see what their world is going to be like for the long haul. So for dogs over 16 weeks we recommend a free evaluation followed by a training program that will fit the needs of the owner. That could be a series of lessons at their home and in the Richmond area, or a board and train program where the dog stays with Renée for a period of time to accomplish your goals. If your goal is for your dog to greet people calmly in every environment, or to have a rock solid off leash come command, we can help you and your dog. Changing habits, building confidence, building a rapport with your dog and creating consistency is key for you and your dog and we can teach you how to do that. No one wants a robot dog, but we do want one that will listen to us in the most distracting of environments and will trust us to make a decision for them.

Training Programs

Follow Me Dog Puppy Steps Puppy TrainingPuppy Steps

Our Puppy Steps Program is for pups aged 7-16 weeks old only. Start your puppy off in their new home with confidence, fun and love. Our Puppy Steps Program focuses on what puppies need most - first steps first. Learn the basics of housebreaking, stopping playful biting, crate training, handling skills, basic first aid, appropriate toys, fun games, leash basics, grooming skills and more. Socialization to sights, sounds, smells and experiences are integral to our lesson plan AND the pups get a play session at the end. Read more about the Puppy Steps Program and take the first step in training you and your puppy.

Basic Training

Follow Me Dog Training, LLC has a couple programs to suit your needs. Most lessons are taught in the client’s home or neighborhood. We hope that our clients want to do as much with their dogs as they can. Therefore, we also train in the real world, with real world distractions. In home we concentrate on basic manners and tasks that allow your dog to live stress free and the owner to live frustration free. We keep in mind though that it is great if your dog can sit, down and come in your back yard, but we also want your dog to perform these skills wherever you take them, no matter the distractions. We can help change the relationship you have with your dog by giving you:

  • Immediate improvement with the whole family
  • A dog that comes to you reliably inside and out
  • Less stress on you and the dog
  • A dog that waits at doors
  • Training skills you can maintain in your personal life
  • A dog that doesn’t steal objects or food
  • Off leash control in the real world
  • A dog that stays off furniture if desired
  • A dog that is under control when you have company
  • No yelling
  • Results you can rely on

Follow Me Dog Training, LLC will help you build goals that are realistic for your family no matter the dog’s breed, age or personality. We will help bring out the best in your relationship with your dog by teaching you how to maintain their behavior and communication throughout the dog’s lifetime.

Basic Dog Training at Follow Me Dog TrainingBoard and Train program

Follow Me Dog Training, LLC also offers a Board and Train program. Your dog will be safely integrated into the trainers’ home for 20 days. This allows Renée the optimum amount of time to work with your dog. The learning environment is built right into Renée’s average day with lessons and classes that your dog will attend. Field trips, play dates and training to your personal goals are all included. Follow Me Dog Training, LLC will bring your dog home, at the end of the training time, and do an in-home lesson with your family to introduce the new training ideas and your well trained dog back into the household. Follow up lessons are included. Your dog is required to be up to date with all vaccinations and in good health. Renée only works with one board and train at a time to make sure your dog receives the most amount of training and time with her possible. Your dog will come home with an amazing amount of new knowledge and communication skills for you to follow up with.

Dog training classes at Follow me Dog TrainingDogs that finish either program with Follow Me Dog Training are also invited to participate in our drop in group classes that are located all over the Richmond Virginia area.

Private Consultations

Sometimes your dog doesn’t need a full training program but we still want to help you and your dog achieve some individual goals. These may include:

  • Our popular Pre-Baby talk that helps expectant parents bring their baby into the dog’s home
  • Teach your dog to run on the treadmill
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen prep class and testing
  • Housebreaking
  • And many other choices that will be announced as the schedule allows

All our lessons and classes are by appointment only. Schedule a FREE evaluation with Renée by filling out our contact form and find out more about the different programs we offer.