Annie was a rescue pup that entered our life in the midst of Covid and a year of many changes & moves. She was skittish & over protective, terrible on a leash, and a dog with endless energy....we needed help, especially with a newborn on the way. Renée came into our lives at the same time our baby arrived and helped us all get on track. Prior to even working with you, she spends a few hours getting to know you, your dog, and what you are hoping to get out of your time together. By the end of the first lesson, she had our dog listening and walking better, us laughing, and all of us totally exhausted. Her no nonsense approach makes the dogs (and us humans) shape up & pay attention. Since working with her, Annie has received kudos from the neighbors about being a much better behaved dog, others can enter our home without barking & jumping, and she is described by those that know her as a different dog. Beyond that, Renée's love of dogs and ability to create a sense of community through her charitable events, group lessons, etc. is what makes her so unique. When you work with Renée, she is always available as a resource & offers ongoing classes so you and your pup can remain engaged, focused, and on track. I would recommend her to anyone who has a similar pup to Annie- she will give them all the tough love they deserve!
Renée is the most knowledgeable, dedicated, honest, and fun dog trainer. We enrolled Barley, our shepherd/lab mix, into the Follow Me Dog Training LLC Puppy Steps Program in 2019 and have been continuing our education with Renée since then. Barley’s favorite command is “place” and using it to stand on fire hydrants. Group classes have be invaluable for teaching Barley to be calm and comfortable in highly distracting environments. Renée even spearheaded his biggest task yet- being the ring bearer in our 2021 wedding! We cannot be happier with the skills and tools Renée has taught Barley and ourselves. We are confident you will not find a better teacher - or friend - than Renée.
If you’re looking for a trainer, you’ll never find anyone you or your dog will love more than Renée. Five years ago, my older dog, Dexter, and I met and fell in love with a sweet adult dog, Tulip. After about a year and a half, Tulip started to become increasingly aggressive with Dexter during times when there was a lot of activity going on. During a BBQ at my house one evening, she attacked him badly enough he required immediate vet attention- stitches, drains and antibiotics. I knew I needed help. I was scared and sad and stressed constantly over the next few days. Interviewing trainers was making me more upset as each one had very specific rules, some of which would’ve deterred from the quality of life we had. I wanted to keep a life in which my dogs could be involved as companions but make sure that life was safe and happy for us all. Instead of telling me the rules, the first thing Renée asked was “What do you want your life with your dogs to be like?” I knew Renée was different from that one sentence and she’s done nothing but continue to prove that. Lessons were catered to us and our life. The 1:1 attention let Tulip and I focus on learning from Renée without distractions. We did our homework each week (don’t cheat!) and the improvement was nearly immediate. Throughout the six sessions, Tulip’s behavior changed so rapidly that even people in the neighborhood we don’t normally converse with were stopping us to comment “how ladylike” she had become. The compliments continue today. Renée’s knowledge and guidance and (sometimes tough) love, was absolutely life changing for us. Tulip has always wanted to meet every human she sees. She wants them to pet her and admire her and be her friend. Thanks to Renée and Tulip’s near perfect manners, most people we see are now more than happy to oblige her. I cannot possibly recommend Renée and Follow Me Dog Training LLC anymore highly. Neither can Tulip and Dexter.
Since Renée started working with our dogs Lexi and Chloe, I found out how much people dreaded coming to our house! Our dogs were so much trouble before; jumping on people or barking from their crates; people didn't like to come visit us. Everyone keeps saying how much more they enjoy coming over, now, and how much they love the well behaved dogs! And that was after only the first lesson! Our puppies have gone from being stuck in their crates or out in the back yard to being the part of our family that we always wanted them to be. Thanks to Renée, we don't feel frustrated and angry with them anymore, we get to enjoy them! Walks are a pleasure again, with no pulling and barking at passing cars. I can finally enjoy my dogs the way I always wanted to!
I just got back from a wonderful walk with our 2 dogs. 1 year ago I was being pulled enough I worried about my shoulders being injured, the dogs would bark at everything, and in general-walks were dreaded. When we called Renée we had no idea how horrible our walks really were. We called her because our pit-mix (Loki) was chasing small animals and I was terrified of her. We thought Loki was our problem child, but after 5 minutes of Renée working with Loki we realized she was not the trouble child-it was our other dog, Odin (lab mix). After several visits with Renée, we were able to control our dogs when visitors came, walk the dogs without horrible experiences, and had a happy doggy home once again. As we continued to work with the dogs, Renée taught them to run on the treadmill (for days we couldn’t walk outside) and had our confidence built up enough to take the dogs to parks and to the river. Renée has been such a blessing in our household bringing peace to chaos. My favorite part is when Odin started acting out again Renée came right out to help resolve the problem. We go to group classes when we can to help remind the dogs of the training they’ve learned and to keep up with what’s going on. The best part of all the hard work is that Loki is now a Canine Good Citizen, which I never thought was possible. Much appreciation and thanks to Renée. You have done wonders for our home.