Puppy Steps Program: How We Train Your Puppy

with Owner/Head Dog Trainer Renée Lamoureux

puppy steps program with Renée Lamoureux Help make your puppy’s first steps in the human world positive ones with our Puppy Steps Program. Puppies are naturally exuberant and playful, so they tend to nip and bite. They seem to eliminate constantly because they haven’t developed the control to "hold it'" for as long as adult dogs. Why should a puppy focus on "sit and stay" when he hasn't even mastered the basics? Our class can help! Read what other puppy owners have said on our testimonials page.

We’ll make it easy for your puppy to be a success!

Our 4-class Puppy Steps Program, only for puppies 7 - 16 weeks in age, covers:

  • Housebreaking
  • Puppy grooming and handling skills
  • Appropriate toys and games
  • Play-biting and destructive chewing
  • Keeping your pup happy in a crate
  • Socialization to sights sounds and smells
  • How to encourage wanted behaviors, like the perfect recall/come command
  • How to properly handle unwanted behaviors, like jumping and bolting

Puppy Steps housebreaking, crate training, behavior training.Stop playful biting in your puppyEach puppy training class will conclude with some playtime so that you and your puppy can enjoy what you have learned together!

The Fine Print: Puppies should be at least seven weeks of age, but no older than sixteen weeks to participate in the Puppy Steps Program. Puppies must be in good health and have the first round of vaccinations administered by a veterinarian or Breeder at least one week prior to the first class. We limit each class to 10 or fewer puppies so that your puppy gets all of the personal attention from our trainer that it deserves.

Please contact Follow Me Dog Training LLC for class days and times. Get your puppy started on the road to success today!