What are you looking for to succeed with your dog?

What do you and your dog want and need?

  • Love and belly rubs
  • The snack on the counter
  • A good game of chase around the neighbor’s house
  • To pull you to the next good sniff
  • To chase the cars and squirrels
  • To roll in smelly stuff
  • To dissect the pillows
  • To chew on the kid’s toys
  • A good bark and snarl at the mailman
  • To bolt out the door and greet everyone

  • Love and fuzz therapy
  • A well trained dog that doesn’t beg in the kitchen
  • A good solid recall
  • Long controlled walks in the park
  • To let the squirrels be
  • To not have to bathe your dog after every walk in the woods
  • To have pillows and rugs all over the house
  • To not buy more toys for the kids because of your dog
  • Mail delivered without chaos and mad barking
  • To bring the groceries in without putting the dog away

  • Resolutions to frustrating behaviors
  • Clear communication with no yelling and less stress
  • Freedom to run and play without your dog running away
  • The ability to take an obedient dog to more places
  • Effective training of skillsthat will last a dog’s lifetime
  • The achievement of advanced skills for competition or sport
  • Guidelines for snoozing on the furniture and going through doors
  • Well defined, realistic obedience training goals that work with your whole family

Follow Me Dog Training, LLC Can Help

Follow Me Dog Training, LLC leads you to success with clear communication, patience, and proactive learning skills. We evaluate you and your dog’s individual learning styles and then help train your dog through a proven method of training.

Located in Richmond, VA, and serving Glen Ellen, Heinricho, Hanover and Chesterfield Counties, Follow Me Dog Training, LLC has different levels of programs to suit your needs including our Puppy Steps Program, on and off leash obedience training, a group class open to your dog for the rest of its life, a board and train program, treadmill training, housebreaking advice, a pre- baby talk and much more all designed to train a well behaved dog.

For most dogs, their owners need to stop their success of bad behaviors. However, we as owners need to understand that what we think of as bad behaviors are usually quite fun and entertaining for the dog. If the dogs enjoy doing those things we don’t like and we haven’t had success changing those behaviors, it truly means there has been a breakdown of communication between dog and owner. It isn’t about correcting and breaking a dog of habits they have built; it is about teaching them what the owners would like them to do so everyone can have the life they want.

Follow Me Dog Training LLC will help you understand the behaviors you want to change, and help you build new habits of things you want your dog to do.

Follow Me Dog Training, LLC can help lead you to success whether you want to housebreak your puppy, stop your barking dog, eliminate car chasing, have your dog reliably come when called or merely obtain a well-mannered dog.

Follow Me Dog Training

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Leading you to success in Richmond, VA, Glen Ellen, Heinricho, Hanover and Chesterfield Counties.


Four months ago, Lea, our 1 and a half year old French Bulldog, was giving us hell. We loved her so much, but we just didn't know how to deal with her behavior beyond the basic puppy class skills we learned when she was younger. As a result of a move, quarantine, and our lack of knowledge, Lea was running the house. Not only were my husband and I stressed in many situations with our dog, but she was also getting herself so worked up that she was having tummy troubles as a result. After our five sessions with Renée, Lea has become her best self. She is more confident, aware and respectful of boundaries, and trusting in us. We are calmer and confident in scenarios that four months ago would have stressed out the whole family! I can't even count how many times we have said "We wouldn't have been able to do this with her four months ago." Our family is incredibly thankful to Renée. We are so appreciative of her responsiveness to our dog's specific needs as well as making the training a good fit for our lives. We love the opportunity of group classes after working with Renée. It not only allows us to maintain Lea's training, but also our relationship with Renée, our dog's new favorite person. We strongly recommend Renée, and we are so thankful she was recommended to us!
About 2 years ago, we brought home a mini sheepadoodle who had more energy than we knew what to do with. We were frustrated with his behavior and couldn’t even walk him without him pulling on the leash. During our consultation with Renée, she shared so much knowledge with us about how to be the best dog owners we could be for Kosmo. Renée told us that she would get to know our dog better than his vet and groomer, and that she would become part of our family. She quickly followed through on her word. We enrolled Kosmo in Follow Me Dog Training’s Board & Train program, and he came back home to us as a new dog. He was still his energetic and goofy self, but he was much better behaved. Renée trained us to manage his behavior, enabling us to enjoy spending time with him and taking him on adventures. Renée is one of Kosmo’s favorite humans, and she truly does know him better than anyone else outside of our family. We have learned how to be better dog owners because of Renée. We would highly recommend working with her, as she is worth the wait and the investment.
I don't know what we would have done without Follow Me Dog Training LLC. Our lab had become very reactive to other dogs. We went from taking her to public places like outdoor malls, parks, and restaurants, to not going out of the neighborhood. We found Follow Me Dog Training LLC after using other trainers without any luck. Follow Me Dog Training LLC is an excellent service. Renée has a great rapport with dogs, and is able to get through the behaviors which have been difficult and stressful. Her approach and advice was very clear and easy to understand, I would recommend her services to any dog owner. Follow Me Dog Training LLC brought us and our dog closer together for a lifetime of love and memories. Beware, Renee will become your dog's favorite person!
I rescued a full-grown, likely purebred German Shepherd from the pound as we'd always had GSDs and I LOVE them. This one was amazing as well but came with some unexpected complications. A seemingly unprovoked bite of a person and numerous very stubborn walking experiences really made me worry about how to be a successfully responsible pet owner. THANKFULLY, I found a video of Renée and contacted her for assistance. She met with us and I knew right away what it would take for us to communicate more effectively with Ginger. I'm fairly knowledgeable about dogs, but I still to this day swear by Renée's knowledge and training. She taught us so much about dogs, communication with animals, and most importantly what they are telling us through their behavior and body language. Working with her was such a rewarding experience for us but mostly for Ginger because we could now understand what her needs were and how to be successful, responsible pet owners. Even with a bite history I had the confidence to now go into very public spaces with people and other animals and have a great time together. We wouldn't have gotten there without Renée's help! Ginger has since passed away, however to this day, I use the knowledge gained from the training to interact with dogs and respect their space. Even without a bite history or stubbornness, I wish more people worked with Renée to understand when they are putting their dogs, kids, and others at risk for not knowing how certain behaviors from dogs can be key indicators of a potential problem.