Follow Me Dog Training in Richmond, VA

You Want a Well Trained Dog - Your Dog Wants:

  • You want dog training that worksLove and belly rubs  
  • The snack on the counter
  • A good game of chase around the neighbor’s house
  • To pull you to the next good sniff
  • To chase the cars and squirrels
  • To roll in smelly stuff
  • To dissect the pillows
  • To chew on the kid’s toys
  • A good bark and snarl at the mailman
  • To bolt out the door and greet everyone

You Want Dog Training that Works, Resulting in:

  • Love and fuzz therapy
  • A well trained dog that doesn’t beg in the kitchen
  • A good solid recall
  • Leinie loves her obedience trainingLong controlled walks in the park
  • To let the squirrels be
  • To not have to bathe your dog after every walk in the woods
  • To have pillows and rugs all over the house
  • To not buy more toys for the kids because of your dog
  • Mail delivered without chaos and mad barking
  • To bring the groceries in without putting the dog away

Follow Me Dog Training, LLC is Leading You to Success with:

  • Resolutions to frustrating behaviors
  • Clear communication with no yelling and less stress
  • Freedom to run and play without your dog running away
  • The ability to take an obedient dog to more places
  • Effective training of skillsthat will last a dog’s lifetime
  • The achievement of  advanced skills for competition or sport
  • Guidelines for snoozing on the furniture and going through doors
  • Well defined, realistic obedience training goals that work with your whole family

Follow Me Dog Training, LLC Can Help

Effective dog training leads to a happy dogFollow Me Dog Training, LLC leads you to success with clear communication, patience, and proactive learning skills. We assess you and your dog’s individual learning styles through a proven method of training. Located in Richmond, VA, Follow Me Dog Training, LLChas different obedience training programs to suit your needs including puppy training, remote collar training, crate training, obedience training, eliminating barking and chasing cars, and other skills designed to train a well behaved dog. For most dogs we need to stop their success of bad behaviors. We all need to understand that what we, as the owners, think of as bad behaviors are usually quite fun and entertaining for the dog. If the dogs enjoy doing those things we don’t like and we haven’t had success changing those behaviors, it truly means there has been a breakdown of communication between dog and owner. We will help you stop the bad behavior so that you can build new habits of things you want your dog to do. Habits and problem behavior can be changed. Follow Me Dog Training, LLC can help lead you to success whether you want to housebreak your puppy, stop your barking dog, eliminate car chasing or merely obtain a well mannered dog.