Puppy Steps Testimonials

With an older dog already at home, we had forgotten all about "puppyhood" until Nacho came into our lives. With Renée's consult, she was able to provide us with helpful tips for structure and discipline. As a result, the return to "puppyhood" was not so daunting. One of the things we loved most from our puppy consult with you was the advice to feed Nacho from our hands. We all fought over who got to feed him and he has most certainly bonded with ALL of us!! I still use the tips she gave us 1 1/2 years ago!
We first met Renée when our puppy, Lola, was only 9 weeks old. I had contacted her to come for a puppy consult two days after we brought Lola home. We have 4 kids and I wanted to make sure we started Lola off on the right foot (I mean, paw). Renée was a great resource and taught us some skills and techniques to help with house training, chewing, puppy food choices, etc. When Lola was 6 months old, we decided to have Renée keep Lola for a "board and train" program. Wow! Wow! Wow! is all that I can say. We truly have the most well behaved, sweetest dog on our block. Renée not only trained her, but she also "trained" us in everything that Lola had learned during her stay. We can now take our 9 month old puppy to the park with our kids and she sits and watches the children until we give her a command. She lays on our porch and driveway while the kids play kickball in the cul-de-sac. She plays with the children in the neighborhood without jumping on them and knocking them down. Lola is a wonderful addition to our family and she is a pure joy for all who come in contact with her! Thank you, Renée, for helping us make Lola the best dog that she can be!
Not a day goes by that we are not grateful for all that Renée and Follow Me Dog Training LLC have taught us and our dog, Brady. We started early with the puppy program and boy was it the right decision! Renée helped us to have more structure for our very high-energy, sometimes stubborn pup and rethink everyday activities to transform them into training opportunities. We laid the foundation to continue with the training program at 16 weeks and can't imagine what we would have done without Renée and Follow Me Dog Training LLC. I would recommend (and have recommended) the puppy and training programs to anyone looking to form a wonderful relationship with their dog.
There are tons of books and articles you can read that claim to prepare you for getting a new puppy, but nothing you read can give you the same experience. Having Ruby meet Renée at such a young age helped us avoid so many problems we would have encountered otherwise and allowed Ruby to jumpstart her training to be the amazing dog she is now.